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I approach financial advice in a different way.  I firmly believe that my clients aren’t served when we only look at the numbers.  I hope to join you in your journey to true financial freedom!  


Find meaning, live with purpose, and leave a legacy.

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I come from a long genealogical line of the name “John”.  My dad’s wife, Pat, has done some Ancestry.com stuff, and it appears that the Hixon lineage traces back to the 1600s in England.  And while old documents are a rabbit trail of unknowns, it appears that John has...

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This Moment

Often, we toss numbers around, without really comprehending the fascination of it all.  For example, $1 Million is often stated as a amount of money accumulated in which you can officially retire.  “Got a Million dollars?  Retire today!” says the commercial...

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Let Us Not Tire of Doing Good

In Christianity, the Apostle Paul was one of the first great evangelists of his day.  So successful was he that it became impossible for him to travel to all the faith communities that were springing up everywhere around the Mediterranean area and elsewhere. Thus, out...

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Everyone has a story.  My story has shaped the Financial Advisor I am today.  


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