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I approach financial advice in a different way.  I firmly believe that my clients aren’t served when we only look at the numbers.  I hope to join you in your journey to true financial freedom!  


Find meaning, live with purpose, and leave a legacy.

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This too shall pass…

Well, unless you’ve been under a rock, unplugged your TV, disconnected your internet, or were briefly abducted by an alien lifeform, you’re likely aware that the stock market is having a rough time.  Some might say we’re in a down market, some might say bear market,...

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Sweet Sixteen

Last week, my oldest daughter, Eliana, turned 16.  She’s the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful 16-year-old I know!  There’s no stopping the positive impact she’s having, and will have, on this world.  It’s truly unmistakable. A couple weeks back, our school put on a...

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My Very Elderly Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. For some, reading that sentence conjures up memories of grade school as it served as a mnemonic device to help you memorize the names and order of the planets of our solar system. Mercury.  Venus.  Earth.  Mars. ...

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Everyone has a story.  My story has shaped the Financial Advisor I am today.  


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