Unprecedented. This word is quickly becoming the most overused, yet most appropriate word of 2020. When I think of all the unprecedented things that have happened over the last 5 weeks, I’m sure it will someday fill a history book.

• Canceling of March Madness
• Postponement of the summer Olympics by a year
• Closing schools and churches
• Canceling the Running of the Bulls in Spain (I mean, come on!)
• 22 million Americans filing for unemployment
• Our beloved National Spelling Bee…canceled
• The Kentucky Derby postponed to September
• The fastest bear market in history as the Dow dropped over 20% in 20 trading days (the ‘ol 2020…)

Unprecedented indeed. I used this word the other day in a sentence when chatting with my wife (Keri) about something that had happened that day. Playing nearby, my youngest (Everett) asked what that word meant. The best definition I could muster at the time…”bizarre…just bizarre”. Seemingly satisfied, he resumed playing.

A couple nights ago, our community turned on our porch lights to honor this year’s high school Seniors that won’t be able to graduate with their classes like normal. It made me sad for them as I remembered all the fun and positive memories I have from my Senior year.

Yet, as unprecedented as so many things are…many things remain the same. They remain constant…familiar…known.

• The sun rises each morning
• The air we breath contains enough oxygen to sustain life
• Spring is blossoming
• Each time I click the button on my iPhone, the screen lights up
• I’ve retained human connection via technological platforms
• I have a roof over my head
• I have food on the table
• My rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as an American citizen remain unalienable
• His mercies are new each morning

I take comfort in the known, the familiar. While all else remains shaken, I hold true to my beliefs…to the love of my family…to the unquenchable confidence in my heart that even when unprecedented events are unfolding around me…the Best Is Ahead…