I’m convinced that all wealth begins with those who embrace three disciplines: initiative, hard work and thrift.  I’m trying hard to instill these disciplines in my kids’ minds as someday, they’ll leave the nest, and I’m hopeful the fabled shoemaker’s children won’t be true of mine.  As such, I try to incorporate these three disciplines into my own approach to wealth.

As a Financial Advisor, I’m unwilling to ask my clients to submit to a more rigorous of a financial discipline that I’m willing to practice myself.  How could I ask them to develop a financial plan if I haven’t done so myself?  How could I recommend they insure their lives and incomes to any greater extent that I have?  Let alone suggest they save a higher percentage of income than I’m willing to, or invest with more discipline and patience than I do.

Show initiative, work hard, save more than you spend.  These disciplines lay the foundation of financial wellbeing.  May it be true of me (and for the Financial Advisor you use) that I practice what I preach.  I can’t afford, neither financially nor professionally, do to otherwise.