A new word recently popped back onto my radar:  Bioluminescence.  I’ve certainly heard it before, but it’s been years ago, likely back when I was in grade school as we studied the crazy insect…The Lightning Bug.

Defined, bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism.  It occurs widely in marine life but here in Ohio, it is best seen as we gaze over a soybean or corn field on a hot,  humid summer evening and we see Fireflies light up the panorama.  Some of my favorite memories as a kid was catching them, putting them in a jar with some sticks and leaves, and setting them in a dark room, waiting to see them light up.  Even our social media soaked children of today still enjoy the fun of catching Fireflies.

I did a bit of reading as I prepared for this essay.  I couldn’t pronounce half the scientific terms that described this process.  It even seems scientists themselves were tripping over themselves trying to articulate how this phenomenon actually works.  So, quite honestly, by the time I was done reading how this chemical mechanism works, I was able to summarize it all into one word…Amazing.

Designed by the ultimate Designer, these amazing little bugs have intrigued generations from the dawn of time to present day.  But are they good for anything?

Attracting lightning bugs to your garden is definitely a good thing to do, as unlike many other less desirable bugs, these beneficial insects don’t bite, they aren’t poisonous, and they carry no diseases. Even better, most species are predatory, feeding on the larvae of insect pests, as well as on slugs and snails.

Perhaps you, too, have asked a similar question…Am I good for anything?  Do I serve any greater purpose than to go to work, come home, pay the bills, rinse and repeat?  Perhaps the ‘fun’ that everyone else is having in movies, TV shows, and on your social media feed seems perfect compared to what you do on a normal day.  Comparison is a dangerous game.  But the trap is luring.

May I digress?  May I take a moment to speak truth?  Gentle reader, I may not know you, but I do know the Designer.  I know He made Fireflies; I know He makes amazing creations.  And you, my friend, are one of those amazing creations.  Each breath a gift.  Your organs and bloodstream all working in perfect harmony for you to be alive.

You can’t speak when you’re born; you learn a language.

You get cut; you heal.

You have an idea; you build it.

You want to learn more about something; your brain takes it in.

You want to care for others; you lend a helping hand.

You need care; humankind rallies around you.

525,600 minutes.  Each year passes.  Each day a gift.  Humanity needs you.  You were created on purpose for a purpose.  Without you, the Grand Puzzle is missing a piece.  With you, humanity thrives.  What I can’t do, you can.  What you can’t do, others can.  Each person created amazingly with a unique skill set; a unique ability.  Solving problems, creating solutions, building on progress, compounding abundance.

Just like the Firefly was amazingly created to help a garden, and to light up a landscape…you, too, were created to help others, and to light up a life.  You were created for such a time as this.  You were created to be that mom or that dad or that engineer or that accountant or that __________.  That’s your garden, your purpose.  And when you do it, and do it well…you light up the landscape too.

Your bioluminescence, your light in this world, created by the Creator, designed for purpose.

Let your light shine today…