The Purpose-Driven Retirement Coaching Guide for Financial Advisors


Find meaning, live with purpose,
and leave a legacy.

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About the Author

Tony Hixon

TONY HIXON is a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management. He has been providing financial advice to his firm’s clients since 2003. After having tragically lost his mom, he approaches financial advice in a different way. Tony says, “If finances are the only thing we consider, we overlook the well-being of our clients and the long-term satisfaction they’ll receive from having a financial plan in place.”

The entire Hixon Zuercher team focuses on a holistic approach when working with pre-retiree clients, because they’ve seen firsthand the effects of not having a plan to live a values-based life throughout retirement.

About the Book

Continue a Life of Meaning Beyond Retirement

On March 22, 2011, Pam Hixon tragically took her own life. Pam, after retiring from her job as the director of a hospice agency, quickly fell into deep depression. She lost purpose and fulfillment that she had solely derived from her lifelong career. This heart-rending tragedy changed the way Pam’s son, Tony Hixon, thought about his career helping people plan for retirement. He made it his goal to help pre-retirees not repeat the mistakes his mom made as she transitioned from her career into retirement.

Following this family crisis, Tony, along with his business partner Adam Zuercher, transformed the goals and mission of their wealth management firm, Hixon Zuercher Capital Management. Tony had always wanted to ensure clients wouldn’t outlive their money—and possibly even have enough saved to accomplish their bucket-list goals. Now, he wants clients to have a plan for both their finances and their lifestyle after retiring.

Retirement Stepping Stones will help ensure that your retirement brings you pleasure, serenity of mind, and the enjoyment of a life well-lived. Tony illustrates a successful transition from success to significance and how you can find new hope and purpose. Retirement can bring you your best years!

For you, retirement can mean that the best is ahead!

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Praise for Retirement Stepping Stones

“Retirement is extremely complex and continues to change. People need guidance and a process. They need to be able to understand the hurdles that are in front of them and ways they cannot just survive retirement but actually thrive in it and leave a meaningful legacy. This book walks you through the hurdles and roadblocks that can be in your way and provides a streamlined and easy-to-follow process so you can leave a life-changing legacy at the end of your retirement.”

Jamie P. Hopkins, Esq., MBA, CFP®, LLM, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, managing partner of Wealth Solutions, Carson Group, author of Rewirement: Rewiring the Way You Think About Retirement!

“It is evident that Tony Hixon cares deeply about helping others. He’s taken a tragic story and turned it into a learning opportunity for the world to benefit from. This book has made me rethink how I view work, retirement, and long-term planning. I’m grateful for Tony’s courage to write it.”

Ryan Hawk, host of The Learning Leader Show and author of the best-selling book Welcome to Management: How to Grow from Top Performer to Excellent Leader

“This book offers a path to retirement that goes beyond the facts and figures to get to the heart of planning, using our capital to live a life that’s meaningful. It’s time to redefine retirement, and this personal yet practical read offers an unexpectedly poignant view of how working with a trusted advisor can help you do just that with greater purpose and peace of mind.”

Stephanie Bogan, founder & CEO of Limitless Advisor

“In this deeply moving, relevant book, Tony exposes the smoldering discontent that is so common, yet often overlooked, in seasons of transition. Through personal reflection and practical tips, he highlights the opportunity we each have to turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones on our unique paths to finishing well.”

Dean Niewolny, chairman of Halftime Institute and author of Trade Up: How to Move from Just Making Money to Making a Difference

“God wastes nothing. Even Tony’s mother taking her own life. Out of this tragedy, Tony has integrated truths that most of us don’t connect. The relationship between purpose, transition, identity, and finances. Strange but essential bedfellows. This is a book that should be read slowly . . . and before you think you need it. You and the people around you will be better for it.”

Gary Harpst, founder and CEO of Six Disciplines and author of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book Six Disciplines® Execution Revolution

“Tony has done an incredible job of intertwining vulnerability and practicality. In his unique voice, this story will inspire the reader to do more than just the status quo. It is clear to me that, as someone in my 40s, this isn’t about racing towards retirement, but rather it is about finding a deeper meaning to serve the world abroad. As culture continues to feel more and more vague, this is a resource to help us get focused—no matter what age.”

Reverend Tony Miltenberger, lead pastor of Restoration Church and host of Reclamation Podcast

“For many people, the prospect of retirement is exciting—the just reward of a life well lived and the long-awaited result of responsible decision-making. But this is not true for everyone. Tony Hixon uses a personal tragedy he’s experienced to educate us about the softer side of financial planning. Numbers can be made to fit on a spreadsheet and may sometimes offer us comfort about the future. But that’s only the beginning of the process.”

Downtown Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, on-air contributor to CNBC, and author of How I Invest My Money: Finance Experts Reveal How They Save, Spend and Invest; Clash of the Financial Pundits: How the Media Influences Your Investment Decisions for Better or Worse; Backstage Wall Street: An Insider’s Guide to Knowing Who to Trust, Who to Run From, and How to Maximize Your Investments

“A meaningful retirement requires more than a focus on finances. Retirement Stepping Stones offers a step-by-step road map for planning a purposeful, engaging, and enjoyable second act of life. Reading this book will help inspire and equip you with the tools needed to live your best life.”

Nancy Collamer, founder of and author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions in Retirement

“This heartfelt book offers important financial guidance…By encouraging retirees to thoughtfully plan the hobbies, activities, and support systems that will fill the void of a 40-hour workweek…the author presents possibilities for a brighter, happier future.”

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