Confidence, like other positive character traits, is developed through practice.  Often, the messenger is the message, and people respond much more strongly to the confidence in which the message is delivered than to its intellectual content, regardless of how compelling that content is.  Hitler had confidence, and presented his message well…and we know how that turned out.

I find it interesting that our confidence is oftentimes inversely correlated to the diameter of our circle of competence.  To wit, the fewer things we choose to be responsible for, the stronger we feel about the few great things which we and we alone bring to the world.  Obtaining that confidence can take time, of which there is no specific gauge.

This concept wasn’t intuitively obvious early in my career.  The goal was to be all things to all people and provide every shiny thing and service imaginable all in the name of success and revenue.  But, 22 years in, I’ve discovered that most supremely successful people (either mindfully or not) gradually shrink the diameter of their circle of competence.  In so doing, they become stronger, and increase the value they bring to the world.  In essence, they compound their confidence.

Ideas are easy. Executing on the idea is another story. I’m sure other people thought of selling books on the internet, Jeff Bezos did it. Other people thought gas guzzling cars could be electric, Elon Musk did it. Starting something new can be scary, uncertain…it opens the possibility of failing…and no one wants to fail.

Nothing starts until you commit. ‘Doing’ begins with commitment. It’s the tip of the iceberg. It starts the snowball to gently roll.

Commitment creates courage; thereby dissipating discomfort, uncertainty, and fear.

Courage creates capability, eliminating all alternatives except success.

Capability leads to confidence, which leads to another idea…which you decide to commit to…which starts the process over again.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take. There’s never been a better opportunity to execute on the idea and live the purpose that beats inside your heart.


Be Courageous.

Develop the Capability.

Be Confident.

Take the shot.