Eleven years ago this week, my mom made a decision that would forever alter the lives of those around her.  The course of history…forever changed.

It’s been 6 months since the release of my book, Retirement Stepping Stones, where I sought to honor her legacy and shine a light on the non-financial side of what retirement can bring.  My mom was a nurse, and as such, she cared for her patients well.  I’m a financial advisor, and as such, I care for my clients well.  The book connected my purpose with hers and it’s been a healing journey for me.

But, mom’s story is more than a book, it’s more than the number of podcasts I’ve been on, or articles written, or the stories I’ve received of how it’s helped readers.   It’s more than my weekly blogs where I muse about all things financial and life related.  It’s about honoring a woman who lived life to its fullest.  Who married her high school sweetheart.  Who raised my sister and me well.  Who was an awesome grandma to my kids.  It’s about a woman who became a nurse, and provided loving care to thousands of people throughout her impactful career.

It’s about a woman named Pam Hixon, who was born April 11, 1949 and tragically left this world on March 22, 2011.  But who’s impact is still being felt eleven years later…and will continue for generations to come.

Time heals the wound.

We’ve each moved forward…

But we will never forget.