I’ve talked a lot over the years about being grateful and how gratitude is often the missing link between ‘below the line’ thinking and ‘above the line’ thinking.  I’ve tried to engrain it into my kids to be grateful for the myriad of blessings we most assuredly take for granted each and every day.

Too, most motivational speakers and business coaches will encourage their followers to display a heart of gratitude.  But how and where do those ideas become actualized?  It is quite simple to say, “I am grateful for my health, my family, for financial security, for being born in a country of abundance.”  However, the question remains: How do these feelings of gratitude actually manifest in our lives?

Well, there’s quite a difference between uttering words of gratitude and harnessing the energy derived from experiencing true gratitude, don’t you think?  It’s one thing to say words, and quite another to allow them to wash over you, to allow your body and spirit to celebrate the emotion, to spill out beyond mere pages of a journal, and to manifest itself into the essence of this world.

Clearly, there is a distinction between merely thinking about gratitude and truly feeling it within your body.  For me, when I sit with the idea of gratitude, I feel a joyful swell within my heart, a smiling gleam in my mind and a bubbling up of happiness that radiates throughout my torso.

It’s a revelation, a warmth, an overwhelming sense of my smallness in the world, yet the greatness of my purpose.  It roots out negativity, pessimism, and regret.  It promotes sharing, helping, being kind and valuing others.

Daily, I have a practice where I’ll write something I’m grateful for.  (I used to use the Day One app.  More recently I’ve switched to the Journal app that’s native to the iPhone). It takes me 2 minutes or less.  Sometimes, I write out of ‘checking the box’…it’s just mere words.  Other times, I allow myself to be transported into the positive feelings of true gratitude.  That’s what gratitude is supposed to do.  It’s supposed to wash over you and remind you to be an overcomer, to vanquish all negative emotions, and to live with purpose and joy.

What about you?

Do you have a gratitude practice?

If so, how do you incorporate it into your life and how does it impact your actions?

Be grateful.  We’re blessed.  Somewhere, someone has it worse off than you.  Look around.  Create gratitude.  And live on purpose today.