This is my last post where I’ve been addressing the three major themes in my book which are defined in my subtitle.  Check out my first two posts, Find Meaning and Live with Purpose.

The last section of my subtitle is: “Leave a Legacy”

Have you put thought into what legacy means to you?

As a financial advisor, I’m uniquely positioned to have a front row seat to legacy planning with my clients. The only constant I’ve found across each family we work with is that there is no constant! Legacy is uniquely defined by every individual.

Many people think of a legacy as something that is created after they pass away. It’s their estate, their kids and grandkids, and any great accomplishments they’ve had in their lifetime.

In my book, Retirement Stepping Stones, I argue that your legacy can be created today. You can start now – you don’t have to wait for others to define what your legacy is after you pass on.

When you are living a life of meaning and purpose, you’re able to begin building a kind of living legacy for yourself and those you love.

I often think of my mom’s legacy. While navigating the grief that we felt as a family when she lost her battle with depression, something became clear to me:

Her legacy was so much more than just her final days, weeks, and months.

She left a legacy in each of the lives she touched through her long career as a hospice nurse. Her legacy shows up in the way she loved my sister, dad, and I – or the way she spoiled each of her grandkids. Her dedication to her church family and community has made a lasting impact, as well.

When I speak with clients, they often focus on the financial aspect of their legacy. Having money or assets to leave their kids and grandkids is their primary goal. While this is certainly admirable, we often encourage each of our clients to think more deeply about the kind of emotional impact they want to make on their family, friends, and community.

What lessons do they want to impart? How do they want people to feel when they interact with them? What do they want to be remembered for?

These questions are certainly as important, if not more so, than planning a financial strategy to care for your loved ones.

Remember: YOU get to define your legacy. How you live each day builds the legacy you want to leave behind. So, don’t be afraid to start living with purpose. It’s never too late or too early to start.


Well, the moment is just around the corner!  My book is released next Tuesday, September 14th!  So much time, effort, energy and fun have been put into this project!  I can’t wait to see the impact it has on it’s readers!  Set a reminder, order yours the day it’s available!

The Best Is Ahead!