Dear 2021,

What a year you’ve been!  I can’t help but remember your predecessor year where the pandemic began, and we were all told, and were convinced, that it’d only be “15 days” to eliminate the COVID-19 virus from humanity.  Well, 20 months later, we’re still here!  But, it hasn’t all been so bad.  You had a lot of great things that occurred during your reign.  To name a few:

  • COVID-19 relief in the form of vaccinations were rolled out to the masses for those who wanted them
  • Politics aside, the democratic process of this great nation declared a new President for the next 4 years (Don’t like him? Our Constitution allows us to vote again soon!)
  • The stock market produced double digit returns
  • Local farmers reported a robust harvest
  • A couple billionaires made it to space and back unharmed

Also, from a family perspective, we were able to get away to Florida to enjoy some beach time.  Eliana, being a cheerleader, loved the fact that high school football and basketball games are back to normal.  Last year, athletes and cheerleaders were only able to get 2 tickets for each game, so they were basically cheering to a small crowd of old, tired parents.  Having the student section back this year has been super fun!  Kya also is enjoying the glide path back towards normal as she took to the field in marching band for football and is now playing in pep band for basketball.  Everett loved this year as he got to participate in flag football and watch his favorite football team (The Ohio State University) have a successful season (minus ❌ichigan…can’t win them all I guess).

From a career perspective, it was quite a year too!  In September, I was able to release my book Retirement Stepping Stones, into the world!  The feedback from those who have read it has been overwhelmingly positive.  The release also affirmed that we needed to add a service to our already robust service lineup that we offer our clients.  In your successor year (2022) we’ll be launching a Life Coach service led by Scott Miller, a Certified Professional Retirement Coach.  We couldn’t be more excited to offer this new coaching service to our clients!  As financial professionals, we’re experienced and credentialed to make sure you have enough money to sleep at night.  Now, with our Life Coach service, we’ll be able to help you make sure you have enough purpose to get up in the morning!

As you can see, humanity survived…even thrived throughout your year.  Nonetheless, there were those who endured loss and heartache.  And our hearts go out to them.  I know not every year is ‘the best’.  But I also know that our mindset matters.  Some may have crossed the finish line of 2021 with heads held high and plenty of energy to spare.  Some may have crossed the finish line crawling on their bellies.  Even positive people have negative thoughts.  They just don’t let those thoughts grow and destroy them.

Newness is in the air. There’s something about fresh beginnings that puts a spring in our step and a smile on our face.  There’s something fun about glancing in the rearview mirror, appreciating where we’ve come from.  But there’s something exciting and invigorating about peering through the front panorama that awaits.

2021, I express my gratitude and appreciation for the ride!  You won’t easily be forgotten.  Yet, destiny awaits.  2022 just around the bend.  Straining for what’s ahead, I burst into this new year with joy in one hand, and eager expectation in the other.

Asserting my mindset squarely Above the Line, my sights set on 2022…

Believing in my heart…at the very core of my being…

That the Best is Ahead!