“Progress happens too slowly to notice, setbacks happen too fast to ignore.”  – Morgan Housel (Columnist)

It’s been a long 6 months.  But think back to March of this year, the beginning of the economic shutdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In one fell swoop, the government closed businesses and life as we knew it if for no other reason than to ‘flatten the curve’.  Within about 20 days, the stock market plummeted into bear market territory finally bottoming on March 23 and suffering an enormous setback of 34%.  The fastest bear market in history.

To add insult to injury, with businesses closed, people were forced out of work and unemployment claims shot through the roof.  The excitement of what 2020 had in store for many families around the world abruptly came to a halt.  Schools shuttered, vacation plans were altered if not canceled, sports seasons in flux, paychecks stopped, market values dissipated…too fast to ignore.


Progress often happens so slowly, it’s easy to not take notice…

  • Distilleries, both small and large, around the country used their resources to produce hand sanitizer.
  • 3M and Apple pooled resources or shifted production to make millions of masks.
  • Ford, GM, Tesla and other automakers shifted production to make ventilators and other needed medical equipment.
  • Telemedicine is now real and providing value to many patients who might not normally be able to see a doctor or mental health expert in the office.
  • The importance and appreciation of local companies and small businesses has been growing.
  • Nurses, doctors, police, emergency response personnel and other frontline workers have received greater appreciation for their sacrifice.
  • The massive focus on handwashing will have long-term benefits to limit the spread of colds and the flu.
  • Tens of millions of people are working from home, reigniting the focus on family and the importance of spending time with the ones you love.
  • Innovation is thriving.
  • Environmental impact continues to improve with less commuting.
  • Global collaboration in the healthcare industry allowed researchers to map the genetic makeup of the coronavirus in 11 days. A vaccine is imminent.
  • Digital skills for nearly all people have accelerated…my kids’ grandparents know how to Zoom!

The list is endless.  Yet, progress is often slow and unnoticeable.  But it’s happening.  It’s happening all around us.  Take time to notice.  Take time to appreciate it.  Setbacks happen, they’re part of life.  But progress is happening too.  Mindset matters, what you focus on will get your attention.

I choose to see our progress…

Can you see it too?