Retirement is a significant life transition that goes beyond the financial considerations.

My firm, Hixon Zuercher Capital Management, offers workshops, private coaching, and ongoing support to help our clients and non-clients in accomplishing their goals. We empower them to navigate their retirement transition with clarity, intention, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Refocus Coaching, which is led by Scott Miller, Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC), helps people transition into a more purpose-filled life that aligns with their values, interests, and aspirations.

Pictured is Tony Hixon (Left), Scott Miller (Middle), and Adam Zuercher (Right) at the Retirement Stepping Stones Launch Party in Sept. 2021.

The Beginnings of Refocus Coaching

The motivation to add the Refocus Coaching service emerged as I finished writing my book. I wanted to go beyond simply providing information and encourage readers to take action. I realized that many books end up back on the shelf, forgotten after the initial excitement fades. To combat this, I considered creating a workbook to accompany the book, allowing readers to reflect and journal alongside the content. However, in addition to a workbook, the idea of a workshop where participants could engage in an interactive and transformative experience seemed even more powerful. 

The process of incorporating Refocus Coaching into our services began as Scott Miller, a close friend of my business partner Adam Zuercher & I, neared the end of his dentistry career. Around the same time, I was completing the manuscript for my book. Given our friendship and shared vision, it was a natural conversation to discuss Scott’s future plans. Over several months, we refined our ideas and Scott dedicated time to prayer, discussion with family, and ensuring this was the right move. The initial conversations took place in the spring of 2021. By summer, Scott was actively involved in developing ideas, curriculum, and content for the Refocus Coaching services on top of obtaining his Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC) designation. 

In September 2021, my book was released, and during the book release event, we didn’t want to simply sell the book and leave it at that. We wanted Scott to be the catalyst for action rather than allowing the book to collect dust on a shelf. We took the opportunity to launch our Refocus Coaching services, focusing in on a small-group coaching experience.

The Refocus on Retirement Workshop™ is a comprehensive experience, spanning two sessions and four total hours, where participants dive into deep introspection, engage in conversation, and explore how to live a purposeful life beyond retirement.  

Our first official workshop took place in January 2022.

Building The Framework

Refocus Coaching employs various strategies to support individuals and couples in finding purpose beyond their financial goals.

One of the key questions we explore is:

“Who are you apart from your career and where are you going?”

Retirement often leaves individuals grappling with their identity, as their professional roles no longer define them. We guide clients in identifying their values, using tools like our Value Card deck, to help them gain clarity. Once their values are established, we assist in creating a vision aligned with those values. This vision translates into actionable steps, such as volunteering or pursuing interests that bring meaning and purpose. 

Another aspect we address is the transition from a work-centered social circle to a fulfilling social life in retirement. We emphasize the importance of forming new relationships to engage in shared activities and experiences.

Lastly, we help clients explore and define their legacy. Legacy is not something to be considered only in estate planning; it begins today and involves living a purposeful life that positively impacts others. 

Private Coaching & Accountability

Our workshop’s group setting allows for ongoing learning and growth, providing a space for collaboration and shared conversation. While it provides an entry point for participants, we acknowledge that ongoing accountability is crucial for those implementing the workshop’s master plan. That’s why Scott also offers private coaching sessions for a more personalized and in-depth experience. These sessions allow for a deeper exploration of your goals, challenges, and progress. Scott acts as a guide, providing support, encouragement, accountability, and practical strategies to help you stay on track and navigate the complexities of your post-retirement journey.

How This Fits Into the Bigger Picture

Refocus Coaching operates in collaboration with Hixon Zuercher’s wealth management services to provide clients with a comprehensive retirement experience. While our wealth management team focuses on the financial aspects of retirement planning, Refocus Coaching addresses the non-financial dimensions. We work closely together to ensure that clients receive holistic support and guidance in all areas of their retirement transition. 

Through regular communication and collaboration, our wealth management advisors and Refocus Life Coach share relevant information, insights, and recommendations to enhance the overall client experience. This integration of financial and non-financial coaching enables us to provide a well-rounded approach to retirement planning that goes beyond numbers and investments. 

Our services are complimentary to clients of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management and available at a cost to non-clients. To get more information, see below.

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