For those of you who know me, you know I typically train for and complete a triathlon each summer. I
caught the bug back in 2007 when me and a couple friends completed one together and I had a ton of
fun. Since then, my friends have lost interest in the sport, but I’ve continued. So, as usual, in May, I
began my training regimen to enable me to successfully cross the finish line for an August race.

This week, I received news that the race has been canceled. This is due to spiking COVID cases and the
uncertainty of what will happen a month from now.

At first, anger. So many early morning training sessions, all for naught. I mean, it’s a triathlon. An
outdoor sport, and I’m slow, so there’s all kinds of social distancing! Yet, I understood. So, I had a
decision to make.

Shall I stop training? I mean, I like sleep. Training is hard. I hurt. And there’s still a month to go.

Or shall I continue? I mean, I’ve already got 8 weeks in, what’s another 4? I can mock up a triathlon
from my house and complete the same amount of miles as a normal race. Swim a mile in my friends’
pond, hop on my bike for a 26-mile cruise, then hop off to complete a 6 mile run. I can just do it alone.

What did I choose? Well, let’s just say…it was an early morning swim today…

Far be it from me to waste the hard work I’ve put in up to this point. My training will continue. And, on
‘race day’, my starting point will be near my house. No fans. No starting gun. No crowded transition
area. No aid stations. No timing chip.

Just me…the sunrise…and the challenge to see if I have enough to cross yet another finish line…