“End?  No, the journey doesn’t end here.” J.R.R. Tolkien (English Writer and Philologist)


One life to live.

One chance.

You are born, you live.  Sometimes with intentionality, sometimes wandering in the wilderness.

The journey, fraught with despair, hopelessness, and trials.

Yet, each twist and turn welcomed with joy, hope and victory.

You press forward.

To turn back is futile.

Forward is the only way.

Steps sometimes burdensome…even cumbersome.

Yet, other times they are easy…free.

Questions abound:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Who believes in me?

Does any of this really matter?

Answers flit through the mind:

I don’t know.

I’m not sure.

No one.

It must not.

Yet, in the trenches of the heart, a glimmer of light seeks to shatter the darkness within.

You know there’s something more.

Something worth pursuing.

Something worth living for.

Something that gives you value…meaning…purpose.

Yet the journey is hard.

So many obstacles ahead.  You want it to stop.  You want the journey to end.

You want the voices in your head to simmer, the naysayers to your side to quiet.

If silenced, the journey might be doable.  It might be more manageable.

You might be able to crawl, maybe step, maybe even run…forward.

Instead, you ignore them.  Forward you look, and forward you shall travel.

You now see the light.  You see potential.  You see significance.

The questions arise once more:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Who believes in me?

Does any of this really matter?

The answers, now clear:

I am who I’m made to be.

I’m here for such a time as this.

I do.

It must.

Glancing behind at the quell of anxiety and chaos, you set your eyes ahead.

For before you lies the journey.

It mustn’t end here.  There’s too much at stake.

Too much purpose to fulfill.  Too much significance to obtain.

With you, humanity survives, even thrives.  Without you, a piece of the beautiful mosaic is missing.

The end of this trail leads to yet another.

To journey well, you must shed the load that has bogged you down.

Only keep the necessities.  Only take those who will support and honor you.

Step forth…

With confidence.

The journey awaits…