Without using your career, title or occupation, answer the following question:  Who am I?

For some, this question is easy to answer…

  • Father
  • Philanthropist
  • Grandma
  • Gardner
  • Gym rat
  • Aunt
  • Friend
  • Writer
  • Reader
  • Mother
  • Grandfather
  • Student
  • Coach
  • Non-Profit Board Member
  • Learner
  • Adventurist

For others, a difficult question to answer…

For many of us, our careers…our occupation…is who we are.

But that’s not healthy.  If our jobs were taken from us, we’d be left wondering…even wandering.

That’s what happened to my mom.  She didn’t know who she was.

Rest assured, it’s an important question.  One that shouldn’t be ignored.

So, who are you?  How would you answer?

Need a guide?  I’m here…


I’m sorry…what?  Oh, you’re asking me?  Who is Tony Hixon?

…Let’s just say I’m a lot like my mom.  But I’m self aware.  I will answer the question…the quest may take a lifetime, but I’m not giving up.

I’m somebody.  And so are you.  You matter.

Take time today…answer the question…

Who Am I?