Investment and financial planning services for individuals and families and institutions.

I’m the co-founder and COO of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management, a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning firm in Findlay, Ohio.

Working with Individuals and Families

Our team partners with pre-retirees and those who have already retired to build a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy that moves them toward their goals.

I truly believe in a qualitative over quantitative approach when working with our clients. Yes, the numbers matter – without them, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do! However, your financial plan is so much more than a net worth statement and a strategy for creating an income in retirement. 

Together, we can help you to reverse engineer a financial plan and investment strategy that takes your goals and values into account. Ultimately, our goal is to empower you to leverage your wealth to build a life you love.

Our services for individuals and families focus on:


Aligning your money with your values


Building a comprehensive plan for your wealth as you near or enter retirement


Encouraging empowered behavioral investment decisions


Teaming up with your financial team (tax professionals, attorneys) to help you minimize tax impact, protect your assets, and create an impactful legacy

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Retirement Coaching

The financial side is just one aspect of a successful retirement plan. Our experience is that the clients who find the most fulfillment in retirement are those that have a plan for retirement. We can help you explore how to go from success to significance during this stage in life.

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Working with Institutional Investors

Our team also serves Institutional Investors that need help building a portfolio, staying diversified, and evaluating a company’s long-term investment potential. 

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