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Investment management and financial planning services for affluent individuals, families, and institutions.

I’m Co-Founder and the CEO of Hixon Zuercher Capital Management, a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning firm in Findlay, Ohio.

Our mission is to steward generational wealth.

Working with Individuals and Families

Wealth management is a process built around combining financial planning and advice with active investment management. 

Our process is designed to guide you towards the goals that are important to you.

We believe wealth, in itself, is usually not the destination. It is simply the vehicle for something more meaningful. Achieving your goals requires careful planning, guidance from a financial advisor equipped to help you make smart decisions, and high quality investments. 

Complex financial situations require deep expertise in investing, tax, and retirement planning. That, however, is just the starting point. Integrating your money and your values helps you see the possibilities that your wealth creates for a secure future as we guide you throughout the ever-evolving stages of your life.

We focus on:


Aligning your money with your values


Building a comprehensive plan for your wealth as you near or enter retirement


Encouraging empowered behavioral investment decisions


Teaming up with your financial team (tax professionals, attorneys) to help you minimize tax impact, protect your assets, and create an impactful legacy

Working with Pre-Retirees & Retirees

The financial side is just one aspect of a successful retirement plan. Refocus Coaching was launched by Hixon Zuercher Capital Management to help people transition into a purpose-filled life.

Refocus Coaching is led by Scott Miller, Certified Professional Retirement Coach. After having gone through the retirement transition process himself, Scott’s mission is to guide the way for others towards a long-term plan that includes meaning, purpose, and joy.

Each program is designed to help pre-retirees and retirees reevaluate and recognize more of what’s possible. Our programs explore topics like re-discovering your uniqueness, reorientation towards purpose, social connections, and leaving a legacy.

Life coaching will empower you to plan for a fulfilling and joyful retirement while realizing that wealth is much more than money. Whether you’re an established retiree, recently retired, or retiring in the future, our coaching guides you towards a purpose-filled life that includes a vision and plan.

Click here to get started with private life coaching sessions or our Refocus on Retirement Workshop™.

Working with Institutional Investors

Our team also serves Institutional Investors that need assistance in crafting a strong portfolio, staying diversified, and evaluating a company’s long-term investment potential.

We feel we can bring value over the long term by finding exceptional businesses in expanding industries that are trading below our assessment of fair value.

Our methodology involves examining the equity spectrum for attractive opportunities, and using our systematic, thorough research and analysis to examine the potential return and risk for each investment. This gives us the conviction to take a contrarian view and the patience to wait for a company’s full value to be realized.

With a long-term outlook, we are able to take advantage of the market’s short-term inefficiencies utilizing our process of fundamental, bottom-up research . Concentrated portfolios also allow us to focus on our highest-conviction ideas while sustaining proper diversification.