Have you ever said a word over and over until it just sounds weird?  “Yet” is that word for me.  What an odd word.  I mean, who came up with that word to mean what we intend it to mean?  Yet is a form of a Middle English word yeten and ultimately means “thus far; up to the present; up to some unspecified time.”  Some common uses come to mind:

I haven’t finished…yet.

I haven’t learned how to fish…yet.

I haven’t said I’m sorry…yet.

YET.  It’s getting odder the more I type it.  But it’s a key word…don’t you think?  It turns can’t into haven’t.  Let’s rewrite those sentences to a hopeless point of view.

I can’t finish.

I can’t learn to fish.

I can’t apologize.

See what I mean?  It turns can’t into haven’t.

Yet gives us room and cushion to say, “We may not have arrived up to this moment, but at some unspecified time, we will.”  Can’t becomes haven’t.  It hasn’t happened, but it will.

Yet is the result of audacious persistence.  It’s what we earn with learning, experience, insight and generosity.

So, what have you yet to do?

I once met an older gentleman where I had the opportunity to seek life advice.  “What’s the most surprising thing about growing older?” I asked.  His response, both sage and impactful.  “I never expected to reach this age so soon.”

If you’re like me, you have a lot of yets in your life.  And, life is short.  You only get so many moments to live your best.  To fulfil your purpose.  To accomplish your yets.

The time is now.  Do the work.  Turn your cant’s into haven’t yet.

And seek to accomplish your goals.


Even bloggers take vacations!  I’ll be taking a break next week as my family heads out west to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation!  Never fear, I’ll be back the following Friday with more content that hopefully inspires you to live a life of purpose!  The Best Is Ahead!